I have spent some time reviewing some of the other beachbody workout programs like Turbo Fire and Hip Hop Abs and now I want to talk about my 21 Day Fix results. I want to start this review by saying that all of these programs are great! They all work if you stick to the programs and give them your best efforts, but like everything, certain programs will appeal to some and not others. I had a hard time sticking to the other programs because they just weren’t the RIGHT programs for ME. That doesn’t mean they won’t be RIGHT for YOU.

Having said that, let me tell you how I got my start with the 21 Day Fix. I am an Army Wife and a stay at home mom of 3 kids, so there are 3 things I need to bring up in order to start this story. The first thing is that money is tight so I’m always looking for a bargain. The second thing is I will always try to support the military community first. That includes spouses who run their own businesses. The third and final thing is that I don’t always have the time or opportunity to go out for long periods of time, so anything I can do out of my own house is great.



So the story begins about 8 months ago when we were new to the community and I realized I was in desperate need of a haircut. The first place I turned to was the community website to see if there was anyone on base who cut hair out of their home. I wanted to get a pretty drastic change and Melissa Means came highly recommended. So I sent her a message and the next thing you know, I’m at her house a couple days later getting the majority of my hair cut off.


While she was cutting my hair, we talked and got to know each other. Through the conversation I got the impression that she really loves fitness. We got along well and ended up becoming friends. I knew she was a beachbody coach but I was hesitant to talk to her at first. Like I said, money is tight and I can’t always afford the expensive programs and supplements that I knew beachbody promoted. Finally though I realized that I REALLY needed to make some changes. It wasn’t just that I was overweight, I was also getting sick. I was starting to think I had an ulcer. I didn’t feel well and I had zero energy. So I got up my nerve and I asked her what her requirements were for me to be her client and get to participate in her groups. It was through that conversation that I decided to try the 21 Day Fix. So I ordered my program and I joined a challenge group.


When my package arrived in the mail this is what came in it:

  • Color coded Tupperware containers for portion control.
  • A 25 ounce Shakeology shaker cup to measure Shakeology or water intake.
  • Your  daily workout DVDs.
  • The 3 Day Quick Fix to jumpstart your weight loss.
  • The start guide that tells you what exercises to do on what days.
  • The 21 Day Fix eating plan.
  • Plus a bonus DVD.


21 Day Fix essentials package



Things you will also need for the program:

  • A set of light and heavy weights or a resistance band
  • A yoga mat


I read all the books and watched all the DVDs so I would know what I was getting into. The diet part had me so overwhelmed at first. I’m pretty good with nutrition when I actually try, but I’ve never tried “clean eating” before. Of course I rolled my eyes and said, “I can’t afford all that organic crap.”  “I’m just going to work on portion control.” And that’s what I did …..at first. After figuring out how NOT to over complicate the meal plan, I focused on the workouts. Now like most beginners, I thought all I needed to lose weight was to do a bunch of cardio. Maybe throw in some strength training every now and again. After all, I didn’t want to bulk up. To my surprise, there wasn’t much cardio in the workout program. I was starting to get really skeptical, but I decided to give it a shot.

So Monday comes along and it’s time to do Total Body Cardio. It’s a cardio workout that utilizes light weights. I couldn’t get through the whole 60 seconds of any of the exercises. That’s how out of shape I was. Tuesday came and I was so stiff I was walking like a granny with a stick shoved up her butt. Tuesday is Upper Fix day. Using your weights you will work your shoulders, arms, back, chest, and abs. I used 3 pound weights, but I was able to keep up this time. Wednesday came and you know what they say about the 3rd day after exercise? Yep! I was even more sore. I was questioning whether or not I would even be able to do lower fix. I couldn’t even sit down on the toilet without needing handicap rails. How was I supposed to do squats? I had just about decided to NOT do the workout when I got a message from my coach who encouraged me to push through it. I’m so glad I did. Doing the lower fix actually loosened up my leg muscles and made them less sore. Now comes Thursday, what they call an active rest day. Pilates fix is the workout of the day. It’s all done on the floor. No weights or cardio. Just a combination of stretching and body weight exercises. I liked Thursday! Then came Friday, Cardio Fix day. Again, I had a hard time keeping up, but I got it done. There are no weights required in this workout. Just straight up sweating. Saturday was Dirty 30. It is an all over strength training day. I actually really liked it. Sunday is another active rest day. Yoga fix is the perfect way to end the week and stretch out all those overworked muscles. And that was my first week. The second week is the same routine and then in the 3rd week you double up on workouts.

Now I’m not gonna lie. My first round of the 21 Day Fix, I modified everything! I was that weak and out of shape. I learned very quickly that I couldn’t keep up with the people on the videos and that I needed to go at my own pace. I also had to use my lightest weights. Every week I challenged myself to do a little more then I did the week before. I built up strength and endurance over time.

I have now done eight and am currently on my 9th round of the 21 Day fix. I have lost nearly 30 pounds and almost as many inches. My stomach issues went away after the first week on the program and after awhile so did most of my junk food cravings. I don’t have near as much water gain or bloat on my periods either. It’s amazing what a few good choices can do for you.

You see the combination of portion control, clean eating (yes I practice it now), strength training, cardio, and stretching are what make this program so effective. Also because each round is only 21 days, it’s easy to stick with without getting bored. The challenge groups help keep you accountable and on track. Not to mention getting to meet an awesome group of new people who have common goals.

So here is my transformation, so far……..