Here’s what’s been going on with me this week!


My youngest son Jackson has Autism. He will be 10 years old this year and this has been a really great year for him reaching some pretty important milestones. About a month ago with the help of some of the neighbor kids, he finally learned how to ride his bike with no training wheels. This has been something that he has just outright refused to do until then.


13118962_10206490169353990_7731522829214454818_nEven more importantly though is that he finally learned how to tie his shoes! We have been trying for years to teach him this skill. Most kids learn it a lot younger then him, but he just never had the fine motor skills to accomplish it and he really worries about failing at things so he just wouldn’t try. He had a late start day for school last week so I decided to take a shower that morning since I had extra time. When I came downstairs later, he already had his shoes on and tied. I asked him if his sister tied them for him and he told me that he did it. I was so surprised. It turns out that his teachers and occupational therapist has been teaching him. I have to give a very big shout out to all Special Education Teachers and therapists! You all are a Godsend!



13086651_122774538131084_4740306569536201746_oI want to also take a quick moment to wish all you Rockin Mom’s a Happy Mother’s Day! I hope you all had a great one! I ate a bunch of food that I probably shouldn’t have including Grilled Macaroni & Cheese Sandwiches and Flourless Brownies. But I walked it off at the park where we found a new trail that I might be able to run in the mornings. It’s all about balance right?





What workout am I doing this week?


13151710_119753965099808_3005054213149740752_nI’m on week 2 of the Bulk Phase of Body Beast. These workouts are no Joke. Even with the lighter weights I couldn’t finish the leg workout. I’m also still having a hard time getting every workout in, but that’s just because I’m trying wait for the hubby to do them. It’s hard to coordinate with him because he also has to PT for work. We are trying to make it work though. Even with the set backs I’m still starting to see results.







 Here are the books I read last week!

Renegade Review

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Pearl's Awakening

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What I’m reading now:


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Love is the ultimate crime.

Empress Nadira, a beautiful, strong willed young woman on the planet Venus, has fallen desperately into forbidden love with her slave, Kiln. But when Nadira joins the highest council in the land, her secret is revealed. On a planet where women rule and men obey, she will stop at nothing to rescue Kiln before he faces the ultimate punishment, death.

Embittered by her mother’s execution, Czarina Arees will do anything to become the Leader of High Council, and nothing, not even the new upstart councilwoman Nadira, will stop her. When Nadira refuses to vote in Arees favor, there will be only one option left, murder.

Empress Eva thinks she has it all: wealth, power and a mother who adores her. That is, until she meets Lex. When she takes him in as her slave, her world is turned upside down. His red hair and crimson eyes intrigue her. His touch sets her on fire. When the beautiful alien captures her heart, she is forced to make a life changing choice: pursue a political career and stay in her mother’s love, or give it all up for the love of her slave?

The Slave Planet is a science fiction, interracial (black woman white man) romance filled with suspense and and heroism. It deals with the issues of women, race, politics and classism. It is a thrilling journey into an alternate history when women rule the world.

It’s free on KU!


Upcoming Author Events:


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 S.E. Rise is celebrating the release of his new book Morning Star on May 15th- May 29th starting at 12pm. Come celebrate with him and meet some other authors as well. Have fun participating in games and winning some prizes. Here is a synopsis of the book:

Morning Star by SE Rise
The First Book of Lucifer

The Angels found the daughters of men desirable.
We still do.
I am Lucifer, the Morning Star and I have Dominion over the Earth. God has destroyed the Earth countless times and I have survived through it all.
I always survive.
You can hate me all you want but just remember that I have the good tasting candy-the kind you like and want. The kind you need. I have known, yes in the Biblical sense, the most beautiful women in all of history.
Shall I tell you a story or two?
Take a walk with me and I will show you what the world is really like. It’s your choice-it is always your choice.
There is a beginning, there will be an end but the moments in between are where the story is found.
And, if you are wondering, the answer is yes, the Angel Gabrielle does have a sexy ass.
She always has. That is mine as well.

My Weekly Recipe!

If you’re looking for comfort food on a budget, look no further! This Shepherd’s Pie recipe is what you’re looking for. It is so good and reheats nicely too! To see the recipe just click on the picture.

Shepherd's Pie