Carnival of Darkness

Title: Carnival of Darkness

Series: FaeTal Series

Genre: Paranormal Romance/Horror

Author: Becca Moree

Release Date: July 14, 2016


Carnival of Darkness



Brett sold his soul to the devil. Only hell isn’t a fiery pit in the bowels of the earth. Hell is the Carnival of Darkness where the freak shows are real, the screams never end, and the girl of his dreams has become a part of his nightmare.

Charlee has been kidnapped by the freaks that run The Carnival of Darkness. If that weren’t bad enough, she’s harboring a secret that will put her life in even more danger should her captors find out.

Now, she has a decision to make – keep her head down and wait on someone to save her, or fight to escape and get back to the ones she left behind. Brett wants to trust Charlee with the reason he is working at the carnival, but she still has reservations about his intentions.

Charlee doesn’t trust anyone, but Brett may be her only hope.


Carnival of Darkness



Rating: 5 Stars ✰✰✰✰✰

Carnival of Darkness by Becca Moree is the first book in her Faetal Series.

There is so much going on in this little story, I am amazed.

First you have Brett. He works for a PI who is investigating the disappearances of several girls from the Carnival of Darkness. Brett can’t believe some of the stuff he has seen since infiltrating the carnival. He knows that he has to see his mission through in order to save all the girls.

Then there is Charlee. She is a single mom who just lost her husband. She didn’t even want to go the carnival. Scary is just not her thing. Things seem off after she gets her fortune told and they only get weirder from there.

The star of the rodeo catches her eye. She is mesmerized by him, but even more so by the fact that she can’t get a read on him. As the rodeo continues, she realizes that it’s worse then she thought. She can’t believe that the other spectators don’t realize what’s going on. She starts to question weather the things going on are really for show.

When Charlee tries to leave the carnival she finds herself kidnapped and made a part of the show. Brett takes one look at her and has the urge to throw all his hard work down the drain to save her.

Brett works for Mac, a PI with a knack for computers. Mac has noticed a group of men battling some strange things close to the carnival. He decides to enlist their help in figuring out what’s going on in the Carnival of Darkness.

The action never stops in this book. Add in some insta-love and a whole lot of creepy and you have one great story.


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About the Author:

Becca Moree

Becca Moree is an adult romance author who lives in middle-of-no-where, South Carol

ina with her amazing hubs, her two adorable little girls as well as enough adorable fur and feather babies to qualify as a mini-farm. When asked about all of the animals she rescues, is given, or manages to bring home her hubs just laughed and said “I basically fund her having a zoo at this point. I’ve gotten used to it. I’m waiting on the day I come home to a potbelly pig and 2 rabbits that someone “gave” her…”

She has been writing on and off since high school and has finally decided to share her imaginary friends with the world!


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