Title: CowSex

Author: Lesley Jones

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Release Date: September 28, 2017





If you add two strangers to a cabin, in the middle of a snowstorm, the obvious is bound to happen… CowSex.

When Essex lifestyle blogger and fashionista, Gracie Elliott crash lands into the life of Colorado mountain man Koa Carmichael, fists, chemistry and sexual banter ensue. 

After the punk rock Tinker Bell and semi-retired country rock star share some sweet, emotional as well as laugh-out-loud moments, they find it impossible to deny that they might have just discovered what neither of them knew they were looking for.

CowSex, sometimes all you need is a little bit.


My Review:

Rating: 4 Stars ✰✰✰✰

What happens when a girl from Essex and a cowboy from Colorado are thrown together? CowSex! Lesley Jones wrote one heck of a funny book when she wrote Cowsex.

At first I was very hesitant to read this book, but it was recommended to me by a friend so I decided to give it a go. It was definitely worth the read.

Gracie has just ended things with her long time boyfriend and decides she needs a change of scenery. So she rents a cabin in Colorado and hops on a plane. When she gets there, to her surprise, there is someone already staying at the cabin. A tall, dark, and handsome someone who happens to own it. 

The Colorado winter weather, has them both stuck together and neither one are happy about it at first, but it doesn’t take long for a chemistry to develop between the two. 

Gracie has a mouth on her that left me laughing my butt off throughout the majority of the book. If it wasn’t her mouth that had me rolling, it was the awkward situations the two of them constantly found themselves in. 

Don’t worry everyone, there was no CowSex. There was plenty heat going on between the two humans though so grab your lasso, shout yee-haw and get ready to laugh till you cry.


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About Lesley Jones:

Lesley Jones

Lesley Jones was born and raised in Essex England but moved to Australia in 2006 with her family. Her first book was Saviour, followed up by Resolution. Next came books 1&2 in the Carnage series, then Conviction, a stand alone novel. In 2015, Marley, a Carnage companion book was released, with the series being neatly tied up by The Letters, published in February 2016. She has quickly gained a reputation as a writer of gritty, down to earth characters, involved in angsty and emotional plot lines. Carnage having won a number of awards for ‘Best Ugly Cry’ Her readers love the fact that she can switch her stories from hot and steamy, to snot bubble ugly crying, followed by laugh out loud moments, in the space of a few sentences. She has declared that the very best part of her job is meeting her readers and already has plans to travel to the U.S for several events during 2016/17, a list of which can be found on her web site. When not writing, she has admitted to being a prolific reader, getting through around four or five books a week. She is a fan of trashy reality TV, listening to music, watching her son play football and enjoys a glass of wine… or three.


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