Title: Indigo

Author: Amber Lacie

Genre: Romance/Sports

Release Date: August 17, 2017





Some girls are born independent and fierce. They constantly shock the world bringing it to its knees. Indigo Bryant is one of them. At the young age of thirty, she has already bought and sold a highly successful design business. Needing a change of pace, she up roots herself from New York City, to move near her best friend in a small town in Alabama. What was supposed to be a relaxing summer, starts to change into something different when she meets Alexander Clark…

Despite his many talents and charming personality, Alexander Clark can’t move forward and let go of the guilt from a horrible accident. His once promising baseball career, has now faded into the shadows. He’s paralyzed by the nightmares of his past. That is until he meets Indigo…

Not every girl needs a knight in shining armor. Not every girl needs to be saved. 

Not every boy is a knight. Sometimes they are the ones that need to be saved…


My Review:

Rating: 4 Stars ✰✰✰✰


Indigo by Amber Lacie is a standalone novel about two troubled adults who are drawn together but not sure how have a healthy relationship with each other.

Indigo is a mouthy interior designer from New York. Deciding she needs a change, she has packed up her apartment, sold her company, and is staying in small town Alabama with a friend until she figures out her next move.

Lex has troubles of his own. He had a promising future as a professional baseball player, but a car accident ruined it all. 

A few bad pick up lines between these two at the local bar has the chemistry between them at an all time high. But can they get their lives together enough to make things work with each other?

Amber Lacie always has a way of giving her characters outrageous personalities that just work. The things that fly out of Indigos mouth had my jaw on the floor half the time I was reading. And Lex came up with some pretty awful pick up lines. But my goodness when he decided to turn up the heat, well, all I can say is get ready to sweat ladies.

The characters in Indigo had some troubles from their pasts that had a major effect on their personal relationships, but overall the content in this book isn’t near as dark as some of Amber’s other books. In fact there is a rather great mix of humor, sadness, hot romance, and character blunders that balance each other out perfectly.

If you’re looking for a romance with just a hint of comedy and a dash of heartache, this is the book for you.


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About Amber Lacie

Amber Lacie

I grew up in the Chicagoland region and now live in a quaint little town in Northwest Indiana. I have two beautiful children and husband who worships the ground I walk on (or at least he should). I’m an avid reader and I absolutely love books. Now I’m expanding that love into writing and looking forward to producing many books.


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