Making it Through

Title: Making it Through

Author: Erin Cristofoli

Genre: Romance

Release Date: May 30, 2016


Making it Through



“I will always be there for you, Mady, always.”

One month later, I was slammed with the realization that some things you just can’t count on being true.
College sophomore, Madelyne Stewart, has it all—a wonderful home, a close-knit family, and great friends. But when tragedy strikes, it flips her world upside down. She struggles to deal with the chaos of her crumbling life.
On the brink of failing her classes, Mady reluctantly agrees to study with a tutor. Max Granger drifts into her life like a breath of fresh air. Not only is he intelligent and an excellent tutor, he’s funny, laid-back, and has the amazing ability to soothe her troubled soul. His striking looks top off a complete package any woman—Mady included—would want. Except, she isn’t looking to add anything else to her broken plate.
Can Maddy find a way to make it though her pain and see what is in front of her? Will she take chance on Max? Or will the pieces of her heart be too broken to mend?


Making it Through



Rating: 5 Stars ✰✰✰✰✰

Making it Through by Erin Cristofoli is a standalone novel about a girl named Maddy, who’s life is falling down around her after her brother commits suicide. This is a book of loss and rebuilding.

Maddy is having a hard time dealing with the loss of her brother. Her family has broken down and life at home is bad. She has missed weeks of school and is in danger of failing.

During a particularly bad night at home, Maddy decides to take a walk to her favorite place, a bridge, and decompress. A strange man sees her and decides to keep her company until she feels ready to leave.

That man, Max, later becomes her tutor in charge or helping her catch up and pass her classes.

Max can’t comprehend her loss, but he feels a need to be there for her. He is also falling in love with her.

As her family life continues to break down, Maddy finds herself spending more and more time with Max.

I could not imagine living in a household like Maddy’s. This book does an amazing job at showing how loss especially sudden loss can change people. It also touches on the subject of depression and suicide.

It’s not completely depressing though as it also shows what a functional, close family can be like. Max’s family is both large and close. It is the complete opposite of Maddy’s and she feels overwhelmed and jealous at first meeting them.

This was a great read! The characters were believable and story had a great flow to it.


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About Erin Cristofoli:

Erin Cristofoli

Erin was born and raised in Ontario, Canada, where she resides with her husband and two children.
She found her love of writing as a teen, when she wrote a series of stories for her friends. It became a dream that she would one day publish a novel of her own.
Erin has a passion for creativity in many forms. Aside from writing, she is a photographer, and enjoys painting, playing guitar and crocheting.


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