Title: United

Series: The United Trilogy Book 1

Author: Jaci Wheeler

Genre: Dystopian/Science Fiction

Release Date: January 19, 2016





When the United States of America crumbles under civilian protests and riots, a new United America rises from the ashes… After a reformation, United America runs like a well-oiled machine. Solar power trumps fossil fuels, strict laws keep crime at an all-time low, and at sixteen, residents are assigned their role in society—and fulfill it without complaints. But unbeknownst to the citizens, they are also under constant monitoring, and reigning President Vaughn has eyes in every sector of the gleaming country. When Rosaline Thatcher turns sixteen, it is time to receive her position in society… When President Vaughn calls Rosaline to the stage, she dutifully follows orders. Though she dare not disobey, it’s unclear why she is being singled out. As she passes her best friend, Wesley, she’s reminded of what’s at stake. With her new role, she could be torn from her friends and family forever. Rosaline goes from ordinary citizen to leader of the free world… Shocked and overwhelmed, Rosaline can’t understand why she was chosen for the most vital position of all. But with great power comes great responsibility, and with the help of those closest to her, the fate of their thriving country rests in her hands. When she discovers a secret location only known as the O.C., the United America Rosaline thought she knew may turn out to be history’s greatest fraud… In a society where citizens obey without question, what will happen when one girl dares to defy, and what will that mean for United America?





Rating: 4 Stars ✰✰✰✰

United by Jaci Wheeler is the first book int the United Trilogy.

In a way this book is a dystopian book. It takes place after a civil war in which the people of the United States rose up against the corrupt government. Millions of lives were lost and the capital was destroyed. However the country was rebuilt into a utopia called United America. It is closed off from the rest of the world and completely self sufficient and Eco friendly. Every child is watched from birth and at the age of 16 is placed into their perfect job and given the choice to go to university or straight to labor. The belief is that each job and person is as needed as the rest. Everyone is provided for. There is no more homelessness, no more hunger, and all are equals. Even the President and the council.

This is a very interesting book. Roz is a girl unlike most. She is extremely empathetic, logical, and yet playful. She has a clear understanding of right and wrong and doesn’t stray from it. To her surprise she is chosen as the next president when she turns 16. She, her friend Wes, and her friend Molly are all chosen for jobs in the Department of Ministry.

In this book, you get to see Roz grow as the president and win over the people. I love how she sees the world and the fact that she doesn’t back down from what she feels is just and right. I also love watching this small 16 year old girl go head to head with the big scary adults and win. She is a very strong female lead.

I have a special needs child myself and I could see him in Wes’s character. In how smart he was, but also how logical. How he didn’t pick up on social etiquette, but tried really hard to fit in and have friends. It was refreshing to see a character like that who manages to thrive.

This was a pretty long book. It took me awhile to read it, but it was really good. This being the first book, most of it was spent meeting the characters and introducing us to the world this book is set in. I was kind of surprised by the lack of action and conflict. I kept waiting for it, but there really wasn’t any until the very end which leads you into the next book. Don’t worry, it’s a nice clean ending. Not really a cliffhanger. I still found it a pleasant read even with the lack of much conflict. I’m looking forward to the other books in the series.


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About Jaci Wheeler

Jaci Wheeler

I have been married to my very supportive husband for 6 years and we have two amazing Autistic kids!I always dreamed of being a writer, but life got in the way. Going through my kids different therapies and special schools and one meeting after the next I needed a way to get away from it all and find my perfect Utopia! This is how the United Series was born. Writing has always been cathartic to me. Who wouldn’t want to leave their world for a while and step into a new one? I have so many stories and characters just waiting to find a place on your shelf! I’m hoping to come out with two more books this year not counting the Trilogy.


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