Waiting on Faith

Title: Waiting on Faith

Series: She’s Beautiful Series Book 2

Author: Nicole Richard

Genre: Contemporary Romance/Women’s Fiction

Release Date: March 26, 2016




She’s a woman running from her past.
He’s a man with a fractured heart.
Natalie Brentwood is determined to escape a life of betrayal and abuse.
Vowing to live the life she knows she deserves, despite the one she’s endured.

Cy Davis is no stranger to lies and deceit.
He’s harbored a ten-year grudge that could quite possibly ruin
his chances with a woman who blindly captured his heart.
But when two people are brought together by fate,
can they be the light the other needs?
Or will a secret and past insecurity be a test of their love and faith.
A story of love and hate and the depths
one will go to bury heartbreak than runs deep.


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Rating: 4 stars



Waiting on Faith is a book about having faith during times of struggle and finding the will to move forward and know that good things are ahead. Natalie finally found the courage to leave her abusive boyfriend. She spent the last year or so living with her cousin Spencer and getting her life back together. But life in the big California city doesn’t suit her well and she decides to move in with her uncle and aunt in the small southern town of Savannah Georgia. She gets a job, makes some friends and eventually decides she wants a place of her own. It was during her house warming party that he walks in. His name is Cy and he is an intense man of very few words. They can’t seem to take their eyes off each other. It doesn’t take them long to develop a relationship that is nothing but hot and steamy, but they both have baggage. And Natalie is carrying a big secret. Will her past catch up with her? If it does will they be able to get through it?

I loved this book. The relationship between Natalie and Cy was very hot from the beginning once he got past his awkwardness. I thought Natalie’s character was well rounded. She came from abuse, but she didn’t let it define her. She let it strengthen her. Cy, I wasn’t so sure about. At first he came off as intense but there were a lot of times when he was almost like a whinny school boy who was upset because he didn’t get picked first on the playground. The background characters were awesome as well. I loved her cousin Spencer, he was good at being her rock but he knew when she needed space as well. But don’t get me started on Cy’s sister Candace. What a witch. She played a pretty dirty trick on Natalie and I would have liked to have seen how Cy dealt with it.

There was just enough suspense weaved into the story to make you want to keep reading it and Nichole the author did a great job keeping the secret of what happened to the child Natalie was carrying in the beginning of the book. This was the second book in the She’s Beautiful Series but it can be read as a stand alone. Looking forward to reading more!


About Nicole Richard:

Nicole Richard

Nicole was born and raised and currently resides in Hawaii with her family.
At an adolescent age she took a strong liking to reading and even had a pipe dream of writing her own book. Life and growing up had put reading on the far end back burner, but her dream recently came true with her debut novel The Beauty of Grace, book one in the She’s Beautiful Series.
A hopeless romantic, she has a love for romance novels which she credits her late mother passing on to her and now an even stronger love to write her own stories.


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