Forbidden Fate

Title: Forbidden Fate

Series: Sisters of Danu Book 1

Author: Mia Pride

Genre: Historical Romance/Ancient Worlds/Fantasy

Release Date: November 4, 2016


Forbidden Fate



When Gwynneth awakens from a horrible accident, she has no memory of her past and must rely on the help of one man, the man who found her half dead on the shore beneath the Cliffs of Moher. Though her mind cannot remember him, her heart cannot deny him.

Liam Mac Cuill has loved Gwynneth his entire life and was heartbroken when she was 

forced to marry a dangerous man. Finding Gwynneth below the cliffs without her memory was the last thing Liam ever expected. But when he discovers why she was there, he becomes set on revenge. Now he must protect Gwynneth from the horrors of her past, but doing so requires him to shelter her from the truth, keeping dark secrets that threaten his ultimate goal: to make Gwynneth his.

The more Gwynneth discovers of her past, the more tumultuous her life becomes. Her fall from the cliff was no accident, Liam is not who he claims to be, and an ancient family legend turns Gwynneth’s world upside down. Every event in her life has been prophesied by the legend, sealing her fate. Torn between her own desires and a predetermined fate, she must make a choice.

Between her violent past and her unknown future, in a world full of secrets, prophecies, and lies, can Gwynneth fulfill the fate thrust upon her by the gods and also gain her heart’s true desire? Or will she defy the gods for a chance to claim her own fate…her Forbidden Fate?

This Celtic romance is set in ancient Ireland, a time of legends, mystery and magic!

This book is rated 18+ due to some adult content.


Forbidden Fate


My Review:

Rating: 4 Stars ✰✰✰✰


When I started reading Forbidden Fate by Mia Pride, I wasn’t sure if I would like it. Historical romance isn’t really my taste but I’ve been trying to expand my reading horizons. I think I picked a good book to do just that.

In the beginning, I was a little lost and it was slow going. But as I continued into the adventures of Gwynn, Liam, and their friends, I found myself looking forward to the next time I could pick up my kindle and dive in. 

Gwynn has no memory of who she is or how she wound up unconscious on the beach below the cliffs. All she knows is the handsome stranger Liam who rescued her. She has started having nightmares and fears that they might be the answer to how she ended up that way.

As the story progresses, Gwynn learns several truths. Her life before the amnesia isn’t one she wants to return to, but she isn’t sure if she can have a life with her love. She also learns of a family that she never knew existed and that she may just be part of a prophecy that is currently unfolding.

Once I warmed up to this story, I found myself extremely invested in the characters. I wanted to see Liam and Gwynn find their happily ever after. Especially after all they had been through to get their. I was praying they would get out of their own ways and see things for how they could be. 

I also loved meeting their friends along the way. Duncan has a solid place in my heart. He was a trusty sidekick. So were Ceara, Abigael, and Garreth. I can’t wait to see more of them in the next books in the series.

Towards the end, I even found myself feeling a little bad for Baine after learning how Gwynn’s choices and his own lead him to become the person he was. 

Having never read one of Mia Pride’s books, I wasn’t sure what to expect. What I wasn’t prepared for were the horrible tortures Gwynn’s ex put her through. I was amazed at how resilient she was and her ability to bounce back even as her memories returned and still have the ability to love and find humor in life. 

I felt so bad for Liam as she kept turning him down of slights she felt he had committed against her. It was completely unrealistic expectations from her and yet so true to how women sometimes act towards men. It made me laugh to myself as I was reading it, even while I sympathized with him.

The writing of this story was on point. The pace was steady with just enough action, comedy, drama, seriousness, and romance to keep the story interesting and balanced. I’m looking forward to seeing where their adventures take them next.


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About Mia Pride:

Mia Pride

Mia is a full time wife and mother of two rowdy boys, residing in the SF Bay Area. As a child, she often wrote stories about fantastic places or magical things, always preferring to live in a world where the line between reality and fantasy didn’t exist.

In High school she entered writing contests and had some stories published in small newspapers or school magazines. As life continued, so did her love of writing. So one day, she decided to end her cake decorating business, pull out her laptop and fulfill her dream of writing and publishing novels. And she did. 

When Mia isn’t writing books or chasing her sweaty children around a park, she loves to drink coffee by the gallon, get lost in a good book, hike with her family and drink really big margaritas with her friends! Her happy place is the Renaissance Faire, where you can find her at the joust, rooting for the shirtless highlander in a kilt.


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Title: Charged

Author: Kerri Ann

Genre: Romance/Action/Adventure

Release Date: August 8, 2016



Ryker – the sexiest man I have ever laid eyes on. Figures he’d be a total manwhore. But he is the man that is going to fix my car, allowing me to escape before the mob catches up with me. I just need to keep my hormones in check while he does.

I’ve never had an issue finding a woman to fill my bed. Hell, it didn’t even have to be a bed. Back alley, the seedy bathroom in a bar, the bed of a truck in broad daylight. You name it, I’ve done it. But when Kate steps out of that tow truck, I’m hooked. She rattles my nerves, causing me to lose all sense of self control.

What is she hiding though?



My Review:

Rating: ✰✰✰

Kate is on the run when her old junker of a car breaks down. Unfortunately for her she’s out in the middle of nowhere and now dependent on the seriously hot, bad boy Ryker to get it fixed so she can get out of there and disappear once again. 

There are two problems with that plan……

The first problem, getting to know the people of the town has left her not wanting to leave. The second problem, her mechanic, the man she desperately wants to go to bed with has ties with the very people she is trying to get away from.

I have to say that if you are looking for a hot bad boy book with lots of action in it, this is probably the book for you. But if you are squeamish about certain issues like assault, you may want to stay clear. There are some pretty disturbing scenes in parts of the book. 

I liked the story as a whole. The writing was good and there was a good balance between action, drama, comedy, hot scenes to keep me reading. However, the ending of the story was just a little over the top for my tastes. Had it not been for that, I would have given the book a solid 4-4.5 stars. 

Keep in mind though that that is just my taste in books and has nothing to do with the actual writing of the author in this book. In other words, read it for yourself to find out if you agree with me or not.


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About Kerri Ann:

Kerri Ann can be found quite often with her nose in a book or writing it. On many occasion it has been said that she’s in her own world, living in the stories of those she reads about, giving them a life they deserve. 

She can easily be found under a tree in the shade, or reclining at Starbucks scribbling notes about new stories and new characters, while keeping the coffee chain in business. 

Whether late at night, at a music festival, or sitting on a ski lift, when the thoughts arise Kerri will add them to those in progress. So be wary, you could be next.

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Keeping Meg

Title: Keeping Meg

Series: Devil’s Knights Book 6

Author: Winter Travers

Genre: Action & Adventure/Romance/MC

Release Date: May 25, 2016


Keeping Meg



After years of heartbreak and being married to the wrong man, Meg has finally found what she always wanted with Lo. Except there’s one problem. Lo is keeping something from Meg and Meg is more than determined to figure out what it is. Will they make it down the aisle and ride off into the sunset, or will life get in the way and have Meg make a decision she might regret for the rest of her life?



Rating: 5 Stars ✰✰✰✰✰

Keeping Meg is the 6th book in the Devil’s Knights Series by Winter Travers. Lucky for me it can be read as a stand alone.

Meg is a 37 year old woman with an almost grown son. She has been married before to a man who just didn’t get her and the marriage ended poorly. That is why she can’t believe the turn her life has taken in the last year. She is now planning her wedding to the gorgeous Lo, otherwise known as Logan Birch, otherwise known as King, leader of the Devil’s knights. He is the man of her dreams, almost to good to be true. A lot has changed and she is having a hard time keeping up with it all. Old insecurities keep bubbling up at the most inconvenient times, causing her to question it all.

King, or Lo as Meg calls him, feels like he is the luckiest man in the world. He is president of the Devil’s Knights and he has finally found the woman of his dreams and persuaded her to marry him. His club and his life are headed in a direction that he never dreamed it would. Now all he has to do is keep them both.

The Assassins are threatening all the King holds dear. He wants Meg to lead a normal life and he doesn’t want club business taking that away from her. But will his secret’s threaten his relationship with Meg?

All I can say about this book is that every woman needs a little Lo in their life. He may be a little rough around the edges, but he knows just what to say to make a woman feel good. He never lets Meg get to far into her head. Talk about H-O-T hot! Wow! Meg has a few demons to work out. She has a tendency to second guess herself, but who wouldn’t after having a man that was supposed to love you constantly taring you down? Thankfully she has a great group of friends and Lo to help her get passed it.

I enjoyed reading this book. There was just enough talk about things that must have happened in the previous books, to make me want to grab them up and read them as well. I’m looking forward to it. This was just a nice book about a woman and a man navigating their way through a relationship. It was a nice easy read, nothing to heavy, and I highly recommend it.


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About Winter Travers:

Winter Travers

Winter Travers is a devoted wife, mother, and aunt turned author. With stories always flowing around her, Loving Lo was the one story that had to get out (new ones are knocking on the door daily now).
Winter loves to bake and cook when she isn’t at work, zipping around on her forklift. She also has an addiction to anything MC related, her dog Thunder, and Mexican food (Tamales!)
Winter has eight books total planned for The Devil’s Knights Series. Books 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 are available now. The final two books, Fighting Demon, and Unraveling Fayth, will be out fall/winter 2016.
Downshift, Book 1 of the Skid Row Kings Series, is available now with the second book in the series, Power Shift, coming out July 2016.


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Kassandra's Wolf

Title: Kassandra’s Wolf

Series: The Dragon Ruby book 3

Author: Leilani Love

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Release Date: October 14, 2016


Kassandra's Wolf



She drugged him!

Damien had never before been as outraged until he awoke in his apartment—alone. His head sore and his ego deeply bruised, his body ached for the release her enticing body had promised when they walked up those stairs a few hours earlier. The whole situation would’ve been laughable except for the fact that his wolf imprinted on her. Damien knew that from now until the day he died, she will be the only one for him—and she had drugged him. After a quick search of the bar, he decided that nothing notable was missing, leaving Damien hoping that whatever she was looking for—she didn’t find. Maybe, his delectable thief would try again, at his home next time.

Kassandra is the only Dragon Guard who has the ability to hide her scent. So, when the wayward Dragon Prince Dmitri is spotted in the same town as the wolf shifter Damien, it becomes her responsibility to see what he is up to. Not finding what she is looking for at his bar, she makes a plan to sneak into his house—imagine her surprise when he is there waiting for her. When he mistakes her for a common thief, Damien offers an ultimatum: spend two days with him or he will turn her in and plaster her picture everywhere.

Damien has two days to convince her to stay and give in to the attraction.

Kassandra has two days to get the information she came for and make her escape. But, with trouble circling them and her growing desire for him—will she be able to walk away? Will it even matter once he finds out who she really is?



Rating: 5 Stars ✰✰✰✰✰

Kassandra’s Wolf by Leilani Love is the third book in The Dragon Ruby series.

Damien and his sister lose their parents at a young age after Roses mate kills them. Their pack does nothing to help them, and so they feel they have no other choice then to leave. Afterwards Damien spends his life taking care of his sister and opening and running a very successful bar. He has a reputation for being a playboy who is never with the same woman twice.

He is not expecting to scent his mate in the unknown woman who walks in his bar one night.

Kassandra is a dragon there on a mission. She needs to know if Damien is planning something with Dmitri. She has no problem using her charms to get close to Damien. And when the chance presents itself, she drugs him and spends the rest of the night looking for anything that can give her answers.

She finds nothing and is left with no other choice then to break into Damien’s house.

She wasn’t expecting what happens next.

Now Damien has 2 days to persuade her to stay and Kassandra has 2 days to get the information she needs.

This was a well written book. There are just enough twists to make it interesting and keep you on your toes. I loved watching Kassandra soften to Damien as he shows her that he is much more then the player reputation that he has gained. I also like watching Damien realize his true place in his pack.

Leilani is really growing as an author and each book continues to be better then the next. I look forward to more.


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About Leilani Love:

Leilani Love

Leilani Love is a proud mother of two very active boys. She loves traveling to new places and meeting new people wherever she goes. Thus far, Leilani has visited Paris, DenBosch and Amsterdam and hopes to one day return. On her next trip she hopes to be able to make stops in Scotland and Italy. Currently residing in California, she has also lived in Hawaii, Florida, Alaska, Virginia, Texas,Washington and Oregon. She loves to read books and has a passion for various genres. Her love affair with dragons began when she was young and she still dreams of having her own dragon and Black Panther. For now, she is content to write about them in her books.


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Title: Not Your Hero

Author: Anna Brooks

Genre: Romance

Published: July 7, 2016


Not Your Hero



My hot new tenant isn’t the kind of woman I usually go for. At all. She’s a single mom and even I’m smart enough to know there will only be complications getting involved with her, no matter how good she might be for me. But when her past comes back into her life and threatens them, I’m forced to face my own demons in order to keep them safe.


Not Your Hero



Rating: 4 Stars ✰✰✰✰

Not Your Hero by Anna Brooks is a book about a man named Sam and a woman named Courtney. Neither are looking for a relationship, but sometimes these things just happen.

Sam grew up the son of a man who hated him and punished him his entire life for being born. He finally gets away with the help of his grandparents who left him everything they had in their will. Sam enjoys women on a one night stand basis, but he is not a relationship kind of man. In fact he doesn’t seem to care for people at all with the exception of a few. This is because of the things his father did to him.

Courtney is a single mom who rents a townhouse from Sam. They are neighbors. She works two jobs to support her son who’s father kicked her out after finding out about the pregnancy. Courtney is alone except for her friend Mona, her son, and sometimes Sam.

As Sam and Courtney get closer, they realize that they are attracted to each other, but Sam keeps pushing her away because she wants more then just a one night stand from him. But he keeps coming back for more of her company and finally decides to give a relationship a try.

The question is, can they get over themselves and make a relationship work?

It was interesting to watch Sam continue denying a relationship to Courtney, even though without realizing it, he was giving her a relationship just in the kind gestures he would do for her and her son. I guess though when you add labels, it makes things seem different then what they are. It was also kind of comical, to see him struggle with the idea of dating. I have to admit though, that when he finally made the decision, he went into it full steam ahead.

It was nice to see Courtney not settle. She knew what she wanted in a relationship, and even though it meant losing the help and support, she was willing to walk away if Sam wouldn’t commit.

I enjoyed reading this book! Good job!


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About Anna Brooks:

Anna Brooks

Anna began writing when she thought the world would want to hear her sick lyrics through song. Since then, she’s realized her childhood dream wasn’t so far-fetched, just misguided. Now she writes romance with real emotions and happy endings. If Anna isn’t writing or reading, she can be found by a space heater drinking a ridiculous amount of Diet Dr Pepper. She also likes to hang out with her husband and two boys. If it wasn’t for them, she wouldn’t ever leave the house. Anna was born in Wisconsin but now lives in the Evergreen State.


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Morning Star

Title: Morning Star: The First Book of Lucifer

Series: Books of Lucifer

Author: S.E. Rise

Genre: Paranormal/Thrillers/Suspense/Erotica

Release Date: April 29, 2016


Morning Star



The Angels found the daughters of men desirable. 
We still do. 
I am Lucifer, the Morning Star and I have Dominion over the Earth. God has destroyed the Earth countless times and I have survived through it all. 
I always survive. 
You can hate me all you want but just remember that I have the good tasting candy-the kind you like and want. The kind you need. I have known, yes in the Biblical sense, the most beautiful women in all of history. 
Shall I tell you a story or two? 
Take a walk with me and I will show you what the world is really like. It’s your choice-it is always your choice.
There is a beginning, there will be an end but the moments in between are where the story is found. 
And, if you are wondering, the answer is yes, the Angel Gabrielle does have a sexy ass. 
She always has. 
That is mine as well. 


My Review:

Rating: 4 Stars ✰✰✰✰

Morning Star is the first book in the Books of Lucifer Series by S. E. Rise. As Lucifer is going about his days, he reminisces on his past. We get to learn how Earth became his dominion and why he was cast down and given Hell to rule.

It’s almost hard not to like Lucifer in this book. Sure he’s a bad guy and he does bad things, but it’s mostly on impulse and if he happens to unintentionally hurt someone, he tries to make it right in a way that only he can. You see this many times throughout the book. His minions are loyal to him, but he has very few friends, and the ones he has don’t hesitate to double cross him when the need arises. One such friend is Cain. Cain is an old friend of Lucifers. He was cursed by God to walk the earth until the end of mankind because he killed his brother. Cain is up to something and Lucifer is determined to figure out what it is.

This was definitely a different take on biblical history. I had fun reading it and all the debacles that Lucifer found himself in. It’s got some gore, some sex, some demons, and some angels, some history, and a whole lot of shenanigans. If this is what you like then get this book. I’m looking forward to seeing what Lucifer gets himself into next.


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About S.E. Rise

S.E. Rise

S.E.Rise is a bestselling multi genre author. He writes Erotica, Horror, Thrillers and Scifi /dark fantasy. He is a member of International Thriller Writers Inc. To his acclaim is the Amazon bestselling erotic thriller series- Simmering. He is the Captain on an Advance Life Support Ambulance and lives in Anchorage, Alaska.


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Title: In the Flesh

Series: The Medusa Consortium Book 1

Author: K.D. Grace

Genre: Romance/Paranormal

Release Date: September 20, 2016


In The Flesh


When Susan Innes comes to visit her friend, Annie Rivers, in Chapel House, the deconsecrated church that Annie is renovating into a home, she discovers her outgoing friend changed, reclusive, secretive, and completely enthralled by a mysterious lover, whose presence is always felt, but never seen, a lover whom she claims is god. As her holiday turns into a nightmare, Susan must come to grips with the fact that her friend’s lover is neither imaginary nor is he human, and even worse, he’s turned his wandering eye on Susan, and he won’t be denied his prize. If Susan is to fight an inhuman stalker intent on having her as his own, she’ll need a little inhuman help.


In the Flesh



Rating: 5 Stars ✰✰✰✰✰

In the Flesh by K.D. Grace is the first book in her Medusa’s Consortium Series.

Susan’s friend Annie buys a deconsecrated church called Chapel House with plans to renovate it into a home for herself. She invites Susan to visit her at the church, but when Susan arrives, Annie is acting strange.

Annie is talking nonstop about her new boyfriend and how insatiable he is. The longer Susan is there, she starts to realize that something is not quite right in the church. She feels like there is someone there with her, but she can’t see them.

It turns out Annie’s new boyfriend isn’t human, and now he’s set his eyes on Susan.

Susan realizes she has to get them out of there, but that’s easier said then done. She finally escapes with the help of Michael, the contractor hired to do the renovations.

The longer Susan is around him, the more she starts to learn that the world she lives in and her place in it is not what she thought they were. The question is, can she survive it?

When I first started reading this book, I wasn’t sure I was going to like it. It is based in a country that I am unfamiliar with so I had a little bit of a hard time envisioning it.

But I have to tell you, the longer I read it, the more it pulled me in. It isn’t your average ghost story. There is so much heat in this book, yet it doesn’t take away from the story line at all. The characters are so interesting and I found myself sympathizing with all of them, even the being in the church at times.

I highly recommend this book, and I can’t wait to read the next one!


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About K.D. Grace:

K.D. Grace

Voted ETO Best Erotic Author of 2014, K D Grace believes Freud was right. In the end, it really IS all about sex, well sex and love. And nobody’s happier about that than she is, otherwise, what would she write about?

When she’s not writing, K D is veg gardening. When she’s not gardening, she’s walking. She walks her stories, and she’s serious about it. She and her husband have walked Coast to Coast across England, along with several other long-distance routes. For her, inspiration is directly proportionate to how quickly she wears out a pair of walking boots. She also enjoys martial arts, reading, watching the birds and anything that gets her outdoors.

K D has erotica published with SourceBooks, Xcite Books, Harper Collins Mischief Books, Mammoth, Cleis Press, Black Lace, Erotic Review, Ravenous Romance, Sweetmeats Press and others.

K D’s critically acclaimed erotic romance novels include, The Initiation of Ms Holly, Fulfilling the Contract, The Pet Shop. Her paranormal erotic novel, Body Temperature and Rising, the first book of her Lakeland Witches trilogy, was listed as honorable mention on Violet Blue’s Top 12 Sex Books for 2011. Books two and three, Riding the Ether, and Elemental Fire, are now also available.

K D Grace also writes hot romance as Grace Marshall. An Executive Decision, Identity Crisis, The Exhibition are all available.


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Imprinted Box Set

Title: Imprinted: The Series

Author: McKayla Schutt

Genre: Paranormal Romance/Erotica/Werewolves & Shifters

Release Date: August 18, 2017

I want to explain this review a bit before I get started. When I originally wrote this review, the Imprinted series was broken down into 3 separate books plus a Christmas prequel. It has since been made into a box set so I am adding the links to it here.

Imprinted Box Set

Get the entire Imprinted Box Set for $2.99!

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Book 1: Imprinted: The Beginning

Imprinted: The Beginning


One woman on a mission to have fun.
One werewolf determined to get out of his brother’s shadow.
When Kindra goes to Judden’s house for a party she didn’t expect to imprint with a sexy werewolf. She needs to make the choice to listen to her body and stay with Judden or go back to California leaving Judden behind.

Rating: 4 Stars ✰✰✰✰


In Imprint: the Beginning by McKayla Schutt, Kindra is visiting her sister at college when she runs into Judden quite literally. In this book humans know about werewolves and are slowly coming to terms with the fact that they exists.

Kindra  has never met a real werewolf before so imagine her surprise when she imprints with one. That’s right, Judden is a werewolf.

This book really takes time to explain what an imprint is. You learn the ins and out of what it means to be imprinted and what happens next.

I love how the characters were drawn to each other before the imprint and how their relationship only grew the more they were together.

It was also cute how Kindra’s sister also imprinted.

Be aware, this is a short novella length book that is part of a series. The story continues into the next books in the series.

Get your copy for .99 cents!

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Book 2: Imprinted: The Change

Imprinted: The Change


The next installment of the Imprinted series is here:
Kindra has to decide if she is going to stay a human or change into a werewolf.
Judden is ready to help Kindra adjust to the pack life no matter what her choice.

Rating: 4 Stars ✰✰✰✰


Imprinted: The Change by McKayla Schutt picks up where the first book left off. There is a possible war with the Casper Pack on the horizon and Kindra and her sister have a choice to make. Stay human or change into a werewolf.

This book gets real. The action picks up as Seth, the alpha from the Casper pack is determined to start a war.

Kindra and Judden’s relationship is put to the test when a new alpha comes to town.

People die and roles are changed.

There is a large amount of action packed in this short story. There is also a good amount of hot, steamy love going on too. A great way to continue the story.

This book also ends in a cliffhanger. Be sure to look for the next book in the series.

Get your copy for .99 cents!

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Book 3: Imprinted: The War

Imprinted: The War


The final installment of the Imprinted Series is here:
A new alpha takes over after death strikes the family.
Judden is faced with tough choices.
Kindra starts to settle into her new role while the pack is now at war with Casper.

Rating: 4 Stars ✰✰✰✰


Imprinted: The War by Mckayla Schutt is the final book in the Imprinted Series.

In this conclusion, War is on the horizon. Judden is now the alpha of the pack after Seth killed both his brothers and Emily, Seth’s own sister. The pack is calling for blood.

Kindra now has to step up to her role as the alpha female.

With all this going on, she also needs to decide if she is ready to start a family.

There is so much going on in this book, there is never a dull moment. Between the war, Kindra going on her heat cycle, and problems within the pack, you will not get bored reading this book.

It stays just as hot and steamy as the first two books as well.

This book makes putting up with all those cliffhangers worth it.

Get your copy for .99 cents!

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About McKayla Schutt:

McKayla Schutt

McKayla loves to write books about sexy werewolves. She is a stay at home mom of two in the state of Wyoming. Born in California, she misses the hot weather all of the time. Her goals for the year was to publish her new series, Shifting Tactics. Mom of two little ones can take time but she is pushing to finish her work to get more books out for her lovely fans.

Ever since she was little she wanted to be a writer but doubters said that it would be impossible to make money at it. She is pushing her self hard to show them they are wrong.

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Title: Indigo

Author: Amber Lacie

Genre: Romance/Sports

Release Date: August 17, 2017





Some girls are born independent and fierce. They constantly shock the world bringing it to its knees. Indigo Bryant is one of them. At the young age of thirty, she has already bought and sold a highly successful design business. Needing a change of pace, she up roots herself from New York City, to move near her best friend in a small town in Alabama. What was supposed to be a relaxing summer, starts to change into something different when she meets Alexander Clark…

Despite his many talents and charming personality, Alexander Clark can’t move forward and let go of the guilt from a horrible accident. His once promising baseball career, has now faded into the shadows. He’s paralyzed by the nightmares of his past. That is until he meets Indigo…

Not every girl needs a knight in shining armor. Not every girl needs to be saved. 

Not every boy is a knight. Sometimes they are the ones that need to be saved…


My Review:

Rating: 4 Stars ✰✰✰✰


Indigo by Amber Lacie is a standalone novel about two troubled adults who are drawn together but not sure how have a healthy relationship with each other.

Indigo is a mouthy interior designer from New York. Deciding she needs a change, she has packed up her apartment, sold her company, and is staying in small town Alabama with a friend until she figures out her next move.

Lex has troubles of his own. He had a promising future as a professional baseball player, but a car accident ruined it all. 

A few bad pick up lines between these two at the local bar has the chemistry between them at an all time high. But can they get their lives together enough to make things work with each other?

Amber Lacie always has a way of giving her characters outrageous personalities that just work. The things that fly out of Indigos mouth had my jaw on the floor half the time I was reading. And Lex came up with some pretty awful pick up lines. But my goodness when he decided to turn up the heat, well, all I can say is get ready to sweat ladies.

The characters in Indigo had some troubles from their pasts that had a major effect on their personal relationships, but overall the content in this book isn’t near as dark as some of Amber’s other books. In fact there is a rather great mix of humor, sadness, hot romance, and character blunders that balance each other out perfectly.

If you’re looking for a romance with just a hint of comedy and a dash of heartache, this is the book for you.


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About Amber Lacie

Amber Lacie

I grew up in the Chicagoland region and now live in a quaint little town in Northwest Indiana. I have two beautiful children and husband who worships the ground I walk on (or at least he should). I’m an avid reader and I absolutely love books. Now I’m expanding that love into writing and looking forward to producing many books.


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House on the Hill

Title: House on the Hill

Author: Gwen Selix

Genre: Paranormal/Coming of Age

Release Date: February 28, 2016


House on the Hill



*Trigger warnings* Though young adult this book is recommended for 16+ This book deals with suicide attempts and tough home lives.

To the outside world, Rebecca seems like any other teenager; she has a simple home life, two parents, average grades in school, and doesn’t have many friends. Rebecca learned at a young age how to hide everything with a smile; smile and no one asks questions. But her home isn’t as the world sees it… at home; she lives in her own personal Hell. Every day she has to face the Monster, as she calls him, he rules her house, taking the abuse every day until one night she make a mistake that will keep her from returning home. She finds the house, the boy, and the possibility of a better future. Will she take the chance at a better life? Or will she return to the Monster?

House on the Hill



Rating: 4 Stars ✰✰✰✰

House on the Hill by Gwen Selix is stand alone novel about a group of troubled kids who are drawn to a house and together start a new family as they come to terms with the things that happen to them in their past.

Rebecca lives in an abusive home. Her Father hates her and her mother is indifferent. It seems like the only use she has for them is to clean the house and run the errands. One night her father sends her out to the store only she can’t get what he needs. She is too scared to go home and instead finds herself wandering around at night in the rain. Until she sees the house on the hill. It calls to her and she has no choice but to answer.

This was an interesting story. Each of the kids that live in the house have a sad story. They are each lost in their own way. The house calls to them so that they can come to terms with what has happened to them and move on from it.

There is a twist though. When they battle their demons, they ascend and become guardians.

I have never read a book quite like this one. At first it seems like your typical story of a runaway who finds a group of kids like herself where she belongs. But then there is a supernatural twist to it. And then that twist even takes a twist. It definitely kept me guessing and continuing to read.

There is instalove in it as well but it was done tastefully and is very PG rated. There is adult content though that could cause problems if you have sensitivities to certain content. Like I said, the children in this story all have troubled pasts.

I definitely recommend this book to anyone looking for a good read!


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About Gwen Selix:

Gwen Selix

I am a 29 year old lady from the United States, but dreams of living in London, Paris, or NYC.

I have been dreaming of being a writer since I was a small child. I picked up my first novel when I was 3 years old and I have been reading since. I knew from time I read my first Boxcar Children book that I wanted to be a writer. I wrote Poetry in High School and on several occasions had it published. When I was a Senior I told my parents I wanted to be a writer, but I was told it was dying art and that I should just give up and pick something more practical. I went to college and studied ASL *American Sign Language.*, It wasn’t until 2011 when my Grandmother got sick that I started writing again. I started off with a Harry Potter Fanfiction and I wrote under Gwen Malfoy. It was after a lot of support from my Husband and best friend that I started writing again. Once I did I knew I was picking the right choice for my life.


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