Forbidden Fate

Title: Forbidden Fate

Series: Sisters of Danu Book 1

Author: Mia Pride

Genre: Historical Romance/Ancient Worlds/Fantasy

Release Date: November 4, 2016


Forbidden Fate



When Gwynneth awakens from a horrible accident, she has no memory of her past and must rely on the help of one man, the man who found her half dead on the shore beneath the Cliffs of Moher. Though her mind cannot remember him, her heart cannot deny him.

Liam Mac Cuill has loved Gwynneth his entire life and was heartbroken when she was 

forced to marry a dangerous man. Finding Gwynneth below the cliffs without her memory was the last thing Liam ever expected. But when he discovers why she was there, he becomes set on revenge. Now he must protect Gwynneth from the horrors of her past, but doing so requires him to shelter her from the truth, keeping dark secrets that threaten his ultimate goal: to make Gwynneth his.

The more Gwynneth discovers of her past, the more tumultuous her life becomes. Her fall from the cliff was no accident, Liam is not who he claims to be, and an ancient family legend turns Gwynneth’s world upside down. Every event in her life has been prophesied by the legend, sealing her fate. Torn between her own desires and a predetermined fate, she must make a choice.

Between her violent past and her unknown future, in a world full of secrets, prophecies, and lies, can Gwynneth fulfill the fate thrust upon her by the gods and also gain her heart’s true desire? Or will she defy the gods for a chance to claim her own fate…her Forbidden Fate?

This Celtic romance is set in ancient Ireland, a time of legends, mystery and magic!

This book is rated 18+ due to some adult content.


Forbidden Fate


My Review:

Rating: 4 Stars ✰✰✰✰


When I started reading Forbidden Fate by Mia Pride, I wasn’t sure if I would like it. Historical romance isn’t really my taste but I’ve been trying to expand my reading horizons. I think I picked a good book to do just that.

In the beginning, I was a little lost and it was slow going. But as I continued into the adventures of Gwynn, Liam, and their friends, I found myself looking forward to the next time I could pick up my kindle and dive in. 

Gwynn has no memory of who she is or how she wound up unconscious on the beach below the cliffs. All she knows is the handsome stranger Liam who rescued her. She has started having nightmares and fears that they might be the answer to how she ended up that way.

As the story progresses, Gwynn learns several truths. Her life before the amnesia isn’t one she wants to return to, but she isn’t sure if she can have a life with her love. She also learns of a family that she never knew existed and that she may just be part of a prophecy that is currently unfolding.

Once I warmed up to this story, I found myself extremely invested in the characters. I wanted to see Liam and Gwynn find their happily ever after. Especially after all they had been through to get their. I was praying they would get out of their own ways and see things for how they could be. 

I also loved meeting their friends along the way. Duncan has a solid place in my heart. He was a trusty sidekick. So were Ceara, Abigael, and Garreth. I can’t wait to see more of them in the next books in the series.

Towards the end, I even found myself feeling a little bad for Baine after learning how Gwynn’s choices and his own lead him to become the person he was. 

Having never read one of Mia Pride’s books, I wasn’t sure what to expect. What I wasn’t prepared for were the horrible tortures Gwynn’s ex put her through. I was amazed at how resilient she was and her ability to bounce back even as her memories returned and still have the ability to love and find humor in life. 

I felt so bad for Liam as she kept turning him down of slights she felt he had committed against her. It was completely unrealistic expectations from her and yet so true to how women sometimes act towards men. It made me laugh to myself as I was reading it, even while I sympathized with him.

The writing of this story was on point. The pace was steady with just enough action, comedy, drama, seriousness, and romance to keep the story interesting and balanced. I’m looking forward to seeing where their adventures take them next.


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About Mia Pride:

Mia Pride

Mia is a full time wife and mother of two rowdy boys, residing in the SF Bay Area. As a child, she often wrote stories about fantastic places or magical things, always preferring to live in a world where the line between reality and fantasy didn’t exist.

In High school she entered writing contests and had some stories published in small newspapers or school magazines. As life continued, so did her love of writing. So one day, she decided to end her cake decorating business, pull out her laptop and fulfill her dream of writing and publishing novels. And she did. 

When Mia isn’t writing books or chasing her sweaty children around a park, she loves to drink coffee by the gallon, get lost in a good book, hike with her family and drink really big margaritas with her friends! Her happy place is the Renaissance Faire, where you can find her at the joust, rooting for the shirtless highlander in a kilt.


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Title: Redeemer

Series: Night War Saga Book 3

Author: Leia Stone & S.T. Bende

Genre: Myths & Legends/Norse/ Teen & Young Adult

Release Date: October 1, 2017





Hunt down the weapon pieces, destroy the night goddess, protect Midgard (Earth). That was always the mission . . . 

When an unexpected sacrifice turns Allie’s world on its head, she discovers her true function within the Asgardian world. Her new purpose has much higher stakes—and significantly bigger dangers—than she ever could have imagined. And as the Goddess of Night unleashes an unparalleled wave of fury across the realms, Allie’s dream of a peaceful future with her favorite protector all but disappears. Nott’s determined to control Midgard. But Allie has more to fight for than ever before, and she’s determined to end the Night War . . . no matter what it costs her.


My Review:

Rating: 5 Stars ✰✰✰✰✰

The Night War Series by Leia Stone and S.T. Bende is one of my favorite young adult series. It’s clean and refreshing while not skimping on the danger and hardships faced by Allie and her protectors as they fight Nott, the Night Goddess. 

Redeemer is the last book in this three book series which should be read in order. If you haven’t read Protector or Defender, you can grab your copy of each by clicking on their title.

The quest to find the 3 remaining pieces of Allie’s weapon continues and the stakes continue to rise. With each new piece found, Nott’s rage increases making the story line in this book one of the darkest in the series.

Lives are lost, truths are revealed, and roles change as this story unfolds, yet the characters still find time to goof off, laugh, have fun, and find love. I found myself alternating between laughing my butt off and crying my heart out. 

Allie has a big decision to make. Does Nott need to be destroyed or can she be redeemed?


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About Leia Stone:

Leia Stone

Leia Stone is a USA TODAY best-selling author of paranormal romance and urban fantasy. When she isn’t writing or kiddo wrangling, her nose is shoved in a good book. She is quite proud of her extensive crystal rock collection and likes things that others deem to be weird. She is a vegetarian and coffee addict who lives with her husband and family in Gilbert, AZ where she gets lots of vitamin D. 

**The Matefinder series has been optioned for film.**

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About S.T. Bende

S.T. Bende

Before finding domestic bliss in suburbia, S.T. Bende lived in Manhattan Beach (where she became overly fond of Peet’s Coffee) and Europe… where she became overly fond of McVities cookies. Her love of Scandinavian culture and a very patient Norwegian teacher inspired her YA Fantasy series (Elsker Saga, Ære Saga, and Night War Saga). She hopes her characters make you smile, and she dreams of skiing on Jotunheim and Hoth.

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Title: Phaelyn

Series: The Dark Shadows 2.5

Author: Ariel Marie

Genre: PNR/Paranormal/Romance/Fantasy/Vampires

Release Date: June 4, 2016





The Dark Shadows were charged with the responsibility of protecting the vampire nation. Going after the kidnapped vampire royal guard was all in a day’s work.

Idris Lafayette waited inside of his prison cell for the Dark Shadows to come for him. Idris knew that they would be relentless in their quest to find him. No vampire left behind. Through all of the torture and experiments the necromancers put him through he refused to break. He held onto a small shred of hope. Hope that he would be rescued, hope that the Shadows would tear through the necro’s hidden underground lair and kill them all. He yearned to get at least one last glimpse of her.

As the lone female Dark Shadow member, Phaelyn Otvos was used to being singled out. She was one of the deadliest females to ever hold a sword. Enemies underestimated her, while potential lovers were intimidated by her. Her latest assignment—retrieve the missing vampire guard. The one person who captured her heart years ago was now her mission. Thrown together in the midst of the war between vampire and necromancers, will Phaelyn and Idris recognize that they were meant for each other?





Rating: 5 Stars ✰✰✰✰✰

Phaelyn is book 2.5 in The Dark Shadows series by Ariel Marie. It is a short novella that can be read as a stand alone book.

Phaelyn is the only female in the Dark Shadows. She was once a human and was turned by her friend Nadira, the vampire princess, after being attacked by a rogue vampire in the woods outside her childhood home.

Idris is one of the royal guards. He was charged with keeping Watch over Anika, Nadira’s best friend and Toma’s fated mate, but he failed and they both ended up being taken by the necromancers. He knows it’s only a matter of time before the Dark Shadows find where they are hiding him.

Phaelyn is on the team sent to free Idris. When things don’t go quite as planned, they find themselves alone in a cabin for the night. Will they finally admit to the feelings they both have for each other?

This was a nice short read! It tied up some of the loose ends from Toma and Anikas story and also gives you a look into how Phaelyn came to be the only female in the Dark Shadows. Both Phaelyn and Idris are strong alpha characters. Idris has always had feelings for her but never acted on them. It wasn’t until they were alone that they realized that it was maybe more. There are a few dark moments in this book when Zoreal, the necromancer who tortured Idris, couldn’t handle losing and decides he needs some revenge. But don’t worry, there is plenty of HOTNESS to balance things out. It is another great book to continue this series.


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About Ariel Marie:

Ariel Marie

Ariel Marie fell in love with books at an early age. She can remember her first favorite book. She read the book so many times that it fell apart and she was devastated! Fast-forward thirty years later, Ariel now writes books she hopes readers will fall in love with and read over and over. Paranormal romance is her favorite genre. Who doesn’t love Shifters, Witches, Faes and all the other paranormals? She just loves writing about couple’s first meeting, the magnetism of when their eyes first meet and the first kiss! Her favorite part of writing paranormals is creating the world that the characters live in.


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Pearl's Awakening

Title: Pearl’s Awakening

Series: Devil’s Iron MC Book 3

Author: GM Scherbert

Genre: Erotica/Contemporary Romance

Release Date: April 30, 2016


Pearl's Awakening



I made the biggest mistake of my life the day I walked out on Pearl. Foolishly, I misunderstood what was happening right in front of my own eyes and just left her. I want to make it right–no I need to make it right. I’ll do whatever it takes to make her forgive me and have her look at me like she did in the beginning.

I have found something I never thought I’d need, have, or even want … the other part of me. Pearl took off without a word and that is not something that I can tolerate. That’s not how we are going to start our life together. She needs to answer for these transgressions, as well as the one she’s been keeping from me.

FML! I have to be who I am and live the life I want, because there’s no way I will ever go back to living for someone else. I’m lost to the feelings that I have for them–both of them. Struggling with what it is that I truly want is what made me run … again. I need to stay strong for my girls, and also for the baby who will be sharing our lives soon. No matter what happens. Our happiness is all that matters.



Rating: 3 Stars ✰✰✰

Pearl’s Awakening by GM Scherbert is the third book in the Devil’s MC Series. Before you read this book you may want to read the first two books in the series. 

The story starts off shortly after Pearl ran from Blaze and Tank. She is headed up to a cabin that her late husband left for her daughters to cool off and figure out what she wants to do in her relationships with both men. She made a promise to Blaze and she wants to honor that promise, but she still has feelings for Tank as well.

She is afraid to tell them both how she feels and ask for what she wants. She’s not even sure if its possible to have. Can they work it out? Who will she pick?

I’ll be honest, as individual stories, I didn’t care much for these books, but all together, the stories flow quite nice. The dialect in the books still kind of bothers me. They speak very proper english with little to no slang or contractions. In my head the character’s sounded like robots or people speaking english as a second language who haven’t learned contractions yet.

I didn’t like Tank in the first book and I don’t care much for him in this book either. He is selfish and childish. He needs to grow up and learn how to listen without being told to do it. He did however redeem himself after the baby is born. I love Blaze, he is all about Pearl. He is even willing to work with Tank to make her happy. It’s nice to see Pearl grow as a character and start to be more confident. It’s nice to see her dominant side come out a little as well. I have to say that I was very happy with the outcome and kind of surprised at the same time.

For her first series, I think the author did really well! If you like MC books with a little BDSM added in for a bit of twist, then you will like this book and the first 2 as well.


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About GM Scherbert:

GM Scherbert


 Author Page ♦ Facebook ♦ Amazon ♦ Goodreads



Title: Pavel

Series: Guardians in Love

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Release Date: August 12, 2016

Author: Brianna West





*A standalone based off the main series, the Promiscus Guardians*

Eve’s entire existence and the secret power she harbors is forever changed when she meets the incredibly gorgeous Russian, Pavel Volkov, one night after he single-handedly saves her from being attacked. Claiming he’s part of an elite group of Guardians that police the Light and Dark, Pavel takes her into his protection.

The playboy warlock-faerie helps Eve unlock the secrets of her past, training the hidden power within as they attempt to keep her from the Dark that seeks to capture her. But with nothing short of disdain for the man claiming to be her protector, can Eve discover the truth behind who she really is? Will she be able to learn how to use her powers efficiently? And more importantly, will she be able to deflect the relentless advances of her so-called protector?





Rating: 4 Stars ✰✰✰✰

Pavel by Brianna West is the second book in the Guardians in Love series but can be read as a standalone novel.

Eve and her sister have always had special powers. Ones that seem to be stronger on their birthdays. Since their parents died when they were younger, they have no idea why they have them and no one to teach them how to use them, so they do their best to hide them.

That is until the night Eve is attacked on the streets while walking home by some strange creatures. She is saved by a man who has powers of his own.

His name is Pavel and it turns out he is her protector. The problem? He’s gorgeous and he has no problem showing it.

This book was too cute! Pavel is one of those annoying guys that has no problems letting you know how hot he knows he is and no matter how hard Eve tries to get him to back off, he refuses to go away.

The truth is, he’s kind of adorable, as are his friends. They grow on Eve and every once in a while, you see Pavel’s true feelings shine through.

Eve is learning about how special she really is and what her powers are really meant for. She is being trained by Pavel on how to use them as they spend more and more time together, she finds herself being attracted to him.

As their feelings grow though, they keep finding themselves in danger and things keep trying to keep them apart. It seems there is a dark side that wants Eve and her powers for themselves.

There is a little bit of everything in this book, humor, hotness, suspense, hotness, evil, hotness, paranormal, oh and did I say hotness. It’s all in there and very tastefully done. You can’t help but love the Characters no matter how annoying they can be at times.


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About Brianna West:

Brianna West

Brianna West lives in beautiful Northern California with her wonderful husband and three adorable children. She writes funny, real stories that are accompanied by humor and supernatural elements. Recently published in October 2015, Brianna has gone on to add several books to her main series and spin-off series since then.

Her stories feature sassy, strong heroines; hunky, supernatural heroes; a sordid amount of action; enough humor to leave you laughing all the way through; and a world that will fill you with overwhelming desire to be a part of.


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Love's Prayer

Title: Love’s Prayer

Series: The First Street Church Romances Book 1

Author: Melissa Storm

Genre: Inspirational/Christian/Religious

Release Date: June 17, 2017


Love's Prayer



From acclaimed author Melissa Storm comes the first in a brand-new series of sweet and wholesome small-town love stories with the community church at its center…

Summer Smith is at a crossroads in life. Fresh out of college with no idea what comes next, she agrees to take over her aunt’s flower shop for the season. She arrives in the small, close-knit community of Sweet Grove, Texas, hoping to find some answers.

Ben Davis has lived in the shadow of his family’s mistakes for years. Forced to give up everything he ever wanted for himself, he begins to consider taking his own life in a final effort to end all the pain. A desperate plea sent to the God he isn’t even sure he believes in is soon answered by a series of miracles that bring Summer and Ben crashing into each other.

Love’s Prayer offers a dramatic story about two people who must find a way to believe in each other and in themselves in order to finally find the place where they belong. This novel of finding faith, hope, and—ultimately—love in the darkest of times is sure to tug at your heartstrings and leave you craving more from the First Street Church Romances!


Love's Prayer



Rating: 4 Stars ✰✰✰✰

Love’s Prayer is the first book in The First Street Church Romances series by Melissa Storm.

Ben had dreams of going to college and becoming a teacher. He even had a full scholarship to attend the college of his choice. All that changed when his brother committed suicide in the middle of town. Now his mother has become an alcoholic and he has to keep his job at the local grocery store to try to keep them both afloat.

Summer has just finished college but has no idea what she wants to do now. Her aunt has asked her to come take care of her house and run her flower shop while she goes on her dream cruise.

Ben has hit rock bottom and is contemplating ending his life when his prayers are answered and Summer mistakenly leaves flowers at his house. When he goes to return them, she is at her wits end and has no idea how to run her aunts shop.

Ben to the rescue.

It was the beginning of some major changes in all of their lives.

This was a great story. With such dark subject matters like suicide and alcoholism, you would think this book would be depressing and dark, but it isn’t. While these things aren’t glossed over, and the characters do have major struggles, the focus of the story is on healing and rebuilding.

Summer helps Ben heal and learn how overcome the hardships he’s in the middle of. She helps him learn how to deal with and help his mother deal with her alcoholism.

Ben and the people of Sweet Grove help Summer find a purpose. They make her want to set down roots.

This is also a very clean story with a very innocent feeling to it. It’s rather refreshing. I’m looking forward to reading more of this series.


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About Melissa Storm:

Melissa Storm

Melissa Storm is a mother first, and everything else second. She used to write under a pseudonym, but finally had the confidence to come out as herself to the world. Her fiction is highly personal and often based on true stories. Writing is Melissa’s way of showing her daughter just how beautiful life can be, when you pay attention to the everyday wonders that surround us.

Melissa loves books so much, she married fellow author Falcon Storm. Between the two of them, there are always plenty of imaginative, awe-inspiring stories to share. Melissa and Falcon also run the business Novel Publicity together, where she works as publisher, marketer, web designer, and all-around business mogul. When she’s not reading, writing, or child-rearing, Melissa spends time relaxing at home in the company of her four dogs, four parrots, and rescue cat. She never misses an episode of The Bachelor, because priorities.


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Title: Shadows

Series: A Love Ever After Series

Author: Amber Lacie

Genre: Romance/Mysteries/Thrillers/Suspense/Collections

Release Date: May 21, 2017





Eve is a beautiful woman surrounded by her friends and family. In her twenty-six years of life, nothing exciting has ever happened to her. Everything is going perfectly for her. Little does she know, one summer at the beach could change her life forever. . .

Theron is the son of a cutthroat multi-billionaire business tycoon. He thought he left behind the world his father created, but things change. His only hope at overcoming his past, is finding the one person he lost so very long ago. . .

When Eve bumps into Theron, their worlds collide. Nothing can prepare them for the instant fireworks and roller coaster ride waiting for them. 

When evil starts to surround them, intent on destroying them, Eve runs into trouble…

Can Theron and Eve find Light among the Shadows? Or will evil win?



Rating: 4 Stars ✰✰✰✰

When I originally read this story, it was written as two separate books so please bare with me as I try to combine two reviews into one.

Shadows (Part 1)

Eve was just a normal girl going about her life. She had a job that paid the bills and her roommates Kayla and Matt were her two best friends since childhood. All she needed now was that man that gave her fireworks, not that she was looking. When tragedy strikes and delivers a devastating loss, a stranger is there to catch her. His name is Theron and he helps her find the strength to keep moving forward with her life. He is her fireworks, but are things moving too fast? As if things aren’t bad enough at home, there are some strange things going on at work as well. Will things ever get better for Eve?

I really enjoyed this book. Eve and Theron definitely have some growing to do in this book. Eve especially is learning how to stand on her own two feet and it was nice to see her assert her independence in the end. Theron seems like the perfect man. But he has many secrets and that just can’t be good for a relationship. There was one scene where I felt like Kayla’s actions were out of character. As a best friend, I would have thought that she knew better, but that’s just my opinion. I think I would have liked to have known more about what happened in the work place as well. None of those things take away from the story though. It’s just the drawback of reading the books backwards.

I highly recommend this book. It’s well written and has just the right mixture of romance, drama, and suspense. 

Light (Part 2)

This part of the story starts out in the hospital shortly after Theron’s Grandmother dies. He is in a dark place and only Eve can seem to bring him out of it. She is so worried about his state of mind as the book progresses, that she keeps some pretty major secrets from him. In her defense though, she was going to tell him, she was just looking for the right time. More dangers pop up for them and it is starting to look like it might not be the usual suspects after all.

I was immediately drawn into this book and the lives of the characters. It was very well written and there was enough back story for me to be able to follow along having not read the other book. I have to say that if all men spoke the way Theron does to Eve, there would not be a need for romance books ever again. Talk about H-O-T! He’s a bit over bearing for my taste but he has his reasons. I have to say though that I could have used a bit more of his POV in the book. There were a few times I would have liked to know what was going on in his head. I think Eve is torn between being an independent person and needing to rely on Theron. She is definitely secure in her relationship and her love with him and I have to say, I respect that. Plus we all know how much hormones played a roll in a lot of her decisions.

This book had some great suspense in it. Combine that with some hot and steamy romance and this is one heck of a good book. Loved it and am looking forward to reading the first book so I can learn some more of the back story.


Grab your copy for $4.99 or Free on KU!

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About Amber Lacie:

Amber Lacie

I grew up in the Chicagoland region and now live in a quaint little town in Northwest Indiana. I have two beautiful children and husband who worships the ground I walk on (or at least he should). I’m an avid reader and I absolutely love books. Now I’m expanding that love into writing and looking forward to producing many books.

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Morning Star

Title: Morning Star: The First Book of Lucifer

Series: Books of Lucifer

Author: S.E. Rise

Genre: Paranormal/Thrillers/Suspense/Erotica

Release Date: April 29, 2016


Morning Star



The Angels found the daughters of men desirable. 
We still do. 
I am Lucifer, the Morning Star and I have Dominion over the Earth. God has destroyed the Earth countless times and I have survived through it all. 
I always survive. 
You can hate me all you want but just remember that I have the good tasting candy-the kind you like and want. The kind you need. I have known, yes in the Biblical sense, the most beautiful women in all of history. 
Shall I tell you a story or two? 
Take a walk with me and I will show you what the world is really like. It’s your choice-it is always your choice.
There is a beginning, there will be an end but the moments in between are where the story is found. 
And, if you are wondering, the answer is yes, the Angel Gabrielle does have a sexy ass. 
She always has. 
That is mine as well. 


My Review:

Rating: 4 Stars ✰✰✰✰

Morning Star is the first book in the Books of Lucifer Series by S. E. Rise. As Lucifer is going about his days, he reminisces on his past. We get to learn how Earth became his dominion and why he was cast down and given Hell to rule.

It’s almost hard not to like Lucifer in this book. Sure he’s a bad guy and he does bad things, but it’s mostly on impulse and if he happens to unintentionally hurt someone, he tries to make it right in a way that only he can. You see this many times throughout the book. His minions are loyal to him, but he has very few friends, and the ones he has don’t hesitate to double cross him when the need arises. One such friend is Cain. Cain is an old friend of Lucifers. He was cursed by God to walk the earth until the end of mankind because he killed his brother. Cain is up to something and Lucifer is determined to figure out what it is.

This was definitely a different take on biblical history. I had fun reading it and all the debacles that Lucifer found himself in. It’s got some gore, some sex, some demons, and some angels, some history, and a whole lot of shenanigans. If this is what you like then get this book. I’m looking forward to seeing what Lucifer gets himself into next.


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About S.E. Rise

S.E. Rise

S.E.Rise is a bestselling multi genre author. He writes Erotica, Horror, Thrillers and Scifi /dark fantasy. He is a member of International Thriller Writers Inc. To his acclaim is the Amazon bestselling erotic thriller series- Simmering. He is the Captain on an Advance Life Support Ambulance and lives in Anchorage, Alaska.


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Forever Love

Title: Forever Love

Series: Forever Love book 1

Author: Jade Whitfield

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: August 5, 2015 (Re-Released October 27, 2016)


Forever Love



Beautiful and sassy Liv Preston constantly has guys falling at her feet. She knows what guys are like though, they break you, use you and spit you out, before leaving you a broken mess on the floor. Liv is far too smart to let that happen, instead, she chooses to become the ultimate female player.
Handsome and arrogant Noah Travers is the ultimate catch. The star quarterback with a Greek God physique believes there are way too many girls out there for him to commit to one relationship, besides, he is too young for that, right?
When Liv moves from Atlanta to live with her Dad and his new family in the tiny town of Franklin, she has no idea how much her life is about to change. From the moment Noah and Liv lay eyes on each other, it’s love at first sight. Now, all that the reformed player has to do is convince his beautiful, yet broken new step-sister to believe that he is the guy for her. All Liv has to do, is trust her hot-as-hell new step-brother not to break her.
Can their relationship survive secrets that have been buried for years? Can it survive the enemies that seem to lurk around every corner?
Families will be tested, secrets revealed. But, will it all be worth it for Forever Love?

Newly edited version and can be read as a standalone!

No cliffhanger, HEA, no cheating!

Voted #15 in Top 50 Indie Books of 2015 on

Forever Together (The Forever Love Series Book 2) is AVAILABLE NOW!


Forever Love



Rating 4 Stars ✰✰✰✰


Forever Love by Jade Whitfield is book 1 in her Forever Love Series.

Liv has had enough of living with her selfish abusive mom. She has agreed to live with her dad who has been gone from her life since she was a young child. He now has a totally new family to include two step brothers for Liv.

She’s not quite sure what to think of her new ready made family. Her stepmother is a very excited and peppy woman who welcomes Liv with open arms. Her youngest step brother thinks she’s hot, and well her opinion of her oldest step brother (who is her age) remains to be seen.

Liv has a very jaded outlook on men. So when she shows up at her dads house only to have her step brother Noah show up late with a girl draped over him, she is not impressed.

But first impressions are not always correct and there is more to meat the eye with Noah.

Noah is that guy in high school that every guy wants to be and every girl wants to be with. Popular, athletic, and H-O-T. But his moves don’t work on Liv.

Even though she is his step sister, he can’t seem to shake the feelings he is developing for her. Slowly but surely he wears her down with unexpected sweet Gestures.

But what will happen if people in the small town find out?

I loved Liv’s strong personality. For having grown up with a mother like she had, she kind of had to be strong.

I couldn’t believe how dense her father was. I wanted to smack him up side the head. Thank goodness for a stepmother with a good head on her shoulders, and a mouth to back it up when needed.

Noah came off as a self assured butthead at first, but he very quickly grew on me.

This story as a whole was very well written with just enough heat and angst to balance each other out.

I’m looking forward to reading more in this series.


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About the Jade Whitfield

Jade Whitfield

As a passionate reader and writer, Jade Whitfield loves nothing more than a good cup of coffee and a sweet romance. A fan of ‘Happily Ever After’, she believes that everyone should find their own forever love and is committed to telling stories to inspire that.


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Fabio's Remorse

Title: Fabio’s Remorse

Series: Hell Raiders MC

Author: Aden Lowe

Genre: MC/Romance/Suspense

Published: May 22, 2016


Fabio's Remorse



Fabio thought leaving his high-school sweetheart to join the Army was the hardest thing he would ever do. He took everything war threw at him, knowing he had to get back to Justine.

The Dear John letter came, and he wanted to die. The fucking enemy refused to cooperate, and he lived. Now, all he has is a Top Secret past, and the Hell Raiders MC.

Justine had love and a career, but they took her honor, leaving her no choice. Fabio deserved more.

Tragedy brings Fabio back into her life, and she can’t turn away. This time, does she have the strength to fight for him? Will he refuse her?

**This book is a full length, stand alone, novel, at 70,000 words. The other books in the series do not have to be read first, but previous characters are revisited, and past events referred to.**

***This book contains adult situations, including violence, some of which may serve as triggers for some readers. There are references to past sexual violence.***


Fabios Remorse


My Review:

Rating: 4 Stars ✰✰✰✰

Fabio’s Remorse by Aden Lowe is the 5 book in the Hell Raiders MC series. It can be read as a standalone novel though.

With just a few months left in his tour with the Army, Caleb gets a Dear John letter from his high school sweetheart. He couldn’t understand it. In her letter from just weeks before, she was still talking about plans for their upcoming wedding.

What Caleb doesn’t realize is that Justine is had her reasons. After being assaulted, she is living in her own misery. She feels that everything has been taken away from her. She is living in constant fear and her attackers are keeping that way on purpose.

As Caleb is transitioning from soldier to suvillian, he gets involved with the Hell Raiders MC. He earns the nickname Fabio and the name sticks.

When tragedy strikes, Fabio is forced back to his hometown and to Justine.

It was interesting to see how Fabio and Justine change throughout the book.

When Caleb get’s Justine’s letter, he just shuts down. He has questions, but instead of facing her and asking, he runs. The things he does while he’s serving in the war also have an effect on him as a person. He becomes a loner and withdrawn with the exception of his dog.

When he meets the MC, it gives him a chance to become part of a brotherhood. He has a place with them, and they don’t ask to many questions. Becoming Fabio gives him a chance at a new life.

Justine couldn’t face Caleb after the attack. She suffers in silence like so many women do after they have been assaulted. She becomes withdrawn and afraid of everything. Her friends and family don’t understand. It takes a toll on her.

I loved watching them both learn to trust again.

This book tells a story of what women can go through after being raped and assaulted. It’s a pretty heavy subject, but it was written very well. It also touches on PTSD in soldiers and victims. As hard as it can be to read, it is necessary. Great book!


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About the Aden Lowe:

Aden Lowe

After 15 years editing books for strangers, he decided to try his own hand at writing. Big Game: Hunted Love #1 was his debut, and his story idea file is endless. The only thing certain about his future books is Romance. The sub-genre depends on the story the characters have to tell.

Growing up, Aden was lucky enough to have a huge brood of cousins to help him get into all sorts of trouble. Long summers spent on various family members’ farms gave him a deep appreciation for the outdoors and horses. He worked his way through college training horses as a result of those summers.

Aden and his wife Elyse live in a rural area, with his horse, Joe, a stray dog, Missy, a Momma Cat, and five pet rats.


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