What’s Going on with Me?

I finally got to see Captain America with my boys! It was drill weekend for my husband and I had to make a choice:

  1. I could be responsible and go grocery shopping and do our meal prep for the week or…………
  2. I could say f*ck it and take my boys and finally go see Captain America: Civil War.

I chose to see Captain America. It’s actually becoming an annual thing with us. We did the same thing last year on Mother’s Day. We were a little late this year, but we still made it. Have you all seen it? What did you think? It wasn’t my favorite and my oldest agrees with me, but I still enjoyed it and getting to spend some time with my boys.

I’m finally making some friends out here in Washington. It’s a little different here then in other moves we’ve made because I’m not in school, I don’t have a job outside the house, and my kids no longer need me to take them to the playground. So it’s been a little hard to meet people here. I’m finally meeting people through a few events at Mike’s work and it’s been kind of nice.

The only other things going on here last week were parent/teacher conferences for my two older kids. I was relieved that they were mostly painless. I can’t believe that school is almost over.


What Workout am I Currently Doing?

Well Body Beast wasn’t quite working out for me. It’s not a bad program and I plan to try it again at a later time. It’s just very time consuming and inconvenient at the moment. Plus with all the extra food you have to eat on the program, I gained 5 pounds (no it wasn’t muscle weight) and my pants weren’t fitting anymore. Add that 5 pounds to the 10 pounds I’ve gained since we moved to Washington last year and I’m kind of a mess. For some reason this move has been hard on me. Let’s face it CHANGE IS HARD! I’ve gone through a lot of changes this year. I kind of got lost for a little while, trying to navigate this new place I am in. Not to worry though, I think I’ve finally found my niche here and things are getting better.

So I decided the best thing to do was to go back to my roots and do a round of the one program that has always worked for me, The 21 Day Fix. I started a new round on Monday. I’m doing a video series of my workouts to stay accountable and give you all an idea of what the workouts are about. Please follow along and feel free to try some of the exercises with me. You can follow my progress on Facebook with the hashtag #JoinJennifer.

I am also inviting you all to join my new 21 Day Fix Challenge starting on Monday, June 20th. Working out is alway better in a group of people who have similar goals. I already have a great group of ladies in my group and now I’m looking to add to them. So I’d love for you to join us. It’s a lot of work, but it’s also a lot of fun, not mention worth it when you’re rocking that bathing suit at the pool or beach this summer.

For more information on the fix pleas click on the picture. If you like what you see, just fill out the survey and I’ll help you get started.



21 Day Fix

Click on the image for more information on the 21 Day Fix


You can also follow my journey with the 21 Day Fix from the beginning by clicking on the image below. These results are real. It helped me get into the best shape of my life in more ways then one.


21 day fix progress

Click on the image to follow my 21 Day Fix progress


What Fitness Programs are on Sale this Week?

If you want to join my challenge group but you aren’t really interested in the 21 Day Fix, there are plenty of other programs to choose from. This month 2 of Shaun T’s challenge packs are on sale, CIZE and Insanity Max:30. One of my challengers is currently doing CIZE and loves it. Let me tell you a little more about these two programs.

The first program on sale this month is CIZE. It is a fun program that teaches you to dance yourself to healthier you. It is a lot of fun and you don’t have to be a great dancer to enjoy these workouts.


click image for more info

click image for more info


The next program that is on sale this month is Insanity Max:30. The genius of this program is that you workout as hard as you can for as long as you can, and when you can’t continue with good form, you stop and that is your Max Out time. These workouts are only 30 minutes long if you make it to the end. The first time I did this one I only lasted about 8 minutes. It is a great way to get fit in a shorter amount of time.


Insanity Max:30

click the image for more info


What have I Been Reading?

The amazing Amber Lacie has a new book coming out soon called Pretty; I signed up to read an ARC of it but I had never read any of her other books before. So I spent most of last week reading her Shadows Series. It’s kind of a joke that I managed to read the books backwards, but they were great regardless and I really enjoyed them.


Shadows is the first book in the series. You should read this one first before moving on to the next. It is the story about how Eve and Theron met and how Theron helped Eve move on from the tragedy of losing someone close to her. For more info, click on the picture below.



Click on the image for more info.


The next book is called Light. In this book it’s Eve’s turn to help Theron move past a major loss. Together they are trying to make a future together while battling the obstacles in their way. Again, click on the picture below for more info.


Click on the image for more info

Click on the image for more info




Weekly Recipe: Grilled Peach Parfait

And now for the best part of my weekly blog post……..The food! One of my favorite things about living a healthier lifestyle is trying new recipes for healthier versions of some of my favorite foods. This week I decided to do a dessert. We were at the local farmers market and they had fresh peaches on sale. I knew when I saw them that I wanted to make this Grilled Peach Parfait with them. Talk about yummy! Click on the picture for the recipe and enjoy!


Grilled Peach Parfait

click on the image for recipe


I hope you all are having a great week so far! I look forward to seeing you back here next week!