What’s Going On With Me?

Goodbye House


So here’s the lowdown on what’s happening with my family and I. The end of our lease on the house we are renting is almost up. So my husband emailed the property managers to see if we could renew our lease for another year. Well the day before yesterday after several emails and a phone call we found out that the homeowner has decided to move back into the house. So long and short of it, we have 30 days to find a new house to live in, pack up all our stuff, and move.



Moving Boxes donated by friends.

On the bright side, we are very lucky and have gotten a ton of help from our Military Family who have donated boxes and offered up their time to help us pack and move.

I can not thank you all enough for that!!!


How Will This Affect the Blog?


This is the plan for right now. All the commitments that have have made for this month stand. I pride myself on my integrity and I will not back out of a commitment unless it is completely unavoidable.

However, I will not be making anymore commitments for the month of August except to McKayla Schutt who I PA for. That means no more cover reveals, release day blitzes, or other events will be accepted until probably mid August. If things change though I will let you all know. I hate turning you all down, but this has to come first as we don’t want to end up homeless.

What I can continue to do is promote you all on the BarBelles & Book Nerds Facebook Twitter, and Instagram pages. So make sure to like them and let me know if you need me to post.




Will it Affect My Fitness Groups?

The move should not affect any of my fitness groups.

Our 30 Days of Yoga group is set to start on Monday, July 18th and we already have a good group of people participating. It is a free group and can be done by anyone as long as you are healthy enough, so if you would like to join, you are welcome! Just click on the link and send a request.

The have your cake and eat it too series is on hold for now though. I just don’t have the time for it.

I also have a group running for my Beachbody Clients. We are a group of women who share a goal of improving our lives through getting healthier and fit. We work together to help each other reach our goal. Also, we just have fun with it.


The Next Adventure.

Moving was definitely unexpected but I’m trying to look at is a a new adventure. I’m hoping it is just a blessing in disguise! Please wish us luck over the next month!